ACD CONSULTING implements environmental regulation, occupational health and safety compliance monitoring systems through a technological application called GreenLex®.


The GreenLex® system allows for internal management and administration of obligations, procedures, permits, makes audits and has alarms in the process that a company has in relation to the obligations of industrial safety, occupational health and environment.

Technical characteristics of the system:

Developed to run under a Web environment, meaning one which can be accessed from any location or computer that has internet access and browsers accepted by the system.

  1. GreenLex® sets profiles and user access levels and uses web secure systems SSL as well as other data encryption mechanisms to ensure security of access and integrity of information.
  2. The system uses the following technologies: PHP programming, MySQL databases and the Linux operating system.
  3. The GreenLex® system is hosted within a framework of production and backup servers in the USA, which guarantees its operation 24 hours a day. Web servers have access securities, information backup and local technical support.
  4. The legal content included in the GreenLex® system is automatically updated periodically by ACD CONSULTING via the web environment and alerts users of the changes.


The implementation of the GreenLex® system is customized according to the industry or productive sector and the characteristics of each customer, which involves a process of analysis, survey and digitization of information; afterwards the platform is configured, the information is validated and client personnel is trained.

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